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another homemade dog food recipe

Today I’m going to give you another variation for gluten-free homemade dog food. For this recipe I used three simple ingredients:

– hormone free boneless skinless chicken thighs
– frozen mixed vegetables (no onions)
– white rice (yes, he got Bismati rice because, while I do shop specifically for dog food ingredients, he sometimes has to share with what I buy for myself)

In a large pot, boil for chicken until cooked thoroughly.  At the same time, prepare about a cup and a half (dry) of white rice.  I do it the easy way, with the rice cooker, but stove top is fine too!

After the chicken is cooked all the way through, about 15-20 minutes (no pink in the middle) remove the thighs and set aside. Drop the package of frozen mixed vegetables into the same pot of water that the chicken cooked in and boil for 5 minutes. Strain vegetables, reserving about 1/4 cup of liquid.

The last step is to blend the ingredients together… how you do this is up to you. If you have a food processor you can use that. I have a hand held food processing device (as seen above) so all I have to do is put it into a safe bowl/pot, put the blade into the food and buzz buzz until it is blended. And for those of you who do not have any electronic helper devices, simply chop the chicken finely, add together with the rice and vegetables and mash with a potato masher.

Add a little bit of the reserved cooking liquid if necessary for blending.

Please remember when cooking for your pet, to speak with your Veterinarian about proper serving size, nutrition and dangers. See my first dog food post for another recipe variation and more important info.

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