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eggs asparagus and tomato brunch
brunch: the farmers market deception

One of my favorite warm weather weekend activities is going to the farmers market with someone special and then coming home and concocting brunch with our farm-fresh finds. So, okay, it’s still winter, the only one special is myself, I’m hungry.. and I deserve lovely food!!

So here’s my scrape-together-whatever-looks-good-in-the-refrigerator into a delicious not-quite-farmers-market brunch.

eggs asparagus and tomato brunch

A rundown of the meal: sauteed slivered asparagus and onion with two organic eggs fried atop, placed over two slices of toasted gluten-free whole grain bread, topped with thinly sliced vine ripened organic tomatoes, a sprinkle of parmigiano reggiano and fresh ground pepper.

Jasmine iced tea (leftovers from a pot I shared with a friend last night and then refrigerated) with a side of fresh fruit.

Treat yourself like you would treat a guest!! I love brunch, even if it’s only with myself.


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