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quick and easy breakfast
breakfast: eating well is quick and easy

I am not a breakfast person. Brunch, yes, but breakfast, no.

This could have something to do with the fact that when I was a child I was shipped off each morning to a private school that was two bus rides away. And each day, by the time I got to school, breakfast would make a surprise re-visit. Needless to say, I thought it best to skip breakfast and pack a pop-tart or waffle in my backpack for a quick nibble on my way to class.

As I got older I realized that didn’t crave breakfast. I tend to eat late, so I rarely wake up hungry (and I don’t care what all the ‘lady magazines’ say about not eating late, as long as you eat well it doesn’t matter when you eat. fyi: I’m 35, thin and muscular). Recently, however, I’ve made some changes to my work schedule.. I actually work an 8 hour day.. outside of the house! And since I usually arrive at work sometime between 10 & 11, I’ve started adding the occasional morning meal. And guess what I’ve discovered?

Eating a healthy delicious breakfast can be quick and easy!! As a matter of fact, the toast took longer to cook than the egg.

quick and easy egg for breakfast

Breakfast (in less than 5 minutes): Gluten free whole grain bread, one egg & fresh Mozzarella.

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  • Carol

    I used to not eat breakfast too before, yes I am thin and health too. I always eat late and whenever somebody says that eating late is unhealthy I always tell them that does your body know as to what time zone you are in now? does it know it is morning evening or noon? But when my baby kid was born we started to change our routines and eat on time i.e breakfast lunch and supper. Guess what I feel more nourished and energized throughout the day after we did that. So I guess eating well on time has it’s advantages.