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quick and easy breakfast
breakfast: eating well is quick and easy

I am not a breakfast person. Brunch, yes, but breakfast, no.

This could have something to do with the fact that when I was a child I was shipped off each morning to a private school that was two bus rides away. And each day, by the time I got to school, breakfast would make a surprise re-visit. Needless to say, I thought it best to skip breakfast and pack a pop-tart or waffle in my backpack for a quick nibble on my way to class.

As I got older I realized that didn’t crave breakfast. I tend to eat late, so I rarely wake up hungry (and I don’t care what all the ‘lady magazines’ say about not eating late, as long as you eat well it doesn’t matter when you eat. fyi: I’m 35, thin and muscular). Recently, however, I’ve made some changes to my work schedule.. I actually work an 8 hour day.. outside of the house! And since I usually arrive at work sometime between 10 & 11, I’ve started adding the occasional morning meal. And guess what I’ve discovered?

Eating a healthy delicious breakfast can be quick and easy!! As a matter of fact, the toast took longer to cook than the egg.

quick and easy egg for breakfast

Breakfast (in less than 5 minutes): Gluten free whole grain bread, one egg & fresh Mozzarella.

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