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poached egg with sauteed dandelion greens golden beets hummus and pita
brunch: what’s in the bowl?

So, what’s in the bowl… brunch!! More specifically, hiding under the cumin-topped poached egg is a saute of spinach, dandelion greens, roasted golden beets, a couple sliced caper berries and a smidge of pickled garlic. Once sauteed, I tossed the veggies with some lemon sardine salad dressing (yes, I said sardine… funny thing though, it doesn’t taste at all like fish and it’s packed with omega 3’s, potassium, calcium, selenium and more). On the side is a dollop of hummus, a bit of harissa sauce and some toasted flat bread.

  • Lemon anchovy dressing:
    -juice from (at least) one lemon
    -1/2 tsp celery seed
    -1/2 tsp mustard powder
    -1/2 tsp whole cumin seed ground with pestle & mortar
    -1/2 tsp dry dill
    -1 cup white vinegar
    -1/2 cup extra virgin olive oil
    -good quality canned sardines: some of the oil drizzled into the mix, and about half a fish boned and broken up into small pieces

Add the above ingredients to a clean empty jar with a tight fitting lid and then shake vigorously for 30+ seconds. Use what you need and then store the rest in the fridge (before the next use simply warm to room temperature and shake well before serving).

poached egg with sauteed dandelion greens golden beets hummus and pita


A side note about the inspiration for the dressing: I thought up this delicious, healthful dressing after enjoying a Radish & Anchovy salad (partiality pictured below) at Prime Meats in Carroll Gardens, NY.

I love dandelion greens, and although I’m not a huge fan of anchovy, I’ve been reading recently about all the health benefits associated with them, so I thought I’d give it a shot. And it was delicious!! Thing is, about half way through the salad I stopped and let my friend try a bite because I was puzzled… it didn’t taste fishy at all!!

Now, I have no idea what they put into their dressing, but this was my take on it. The directions above will give you a nice sized amount, and I’ve found that it not only tasted great on raw salads, but on sauteed dishes as well. Stay tuned for my sauteed dandelion greens with lemon anchovy dressing.

Rashish & Anchovy Salad from Prime Meats

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