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reuse an empty spice container for salad dressing
tips: work lunch salad dressing

I’m always finding a way to incorporate last night’s leftovers into a tasty next day work salad. Here, I added a drumstick and asparagus to leafy greens and veggies for a hearty lunch treat. Top it off with a country mustard vinaigrette, for a well rounded balanced lunch.

For an easy make-and-take salad dressing, instead of loading up with Tupperware containers of all shapes and sizes, I clean and reuse a small spice jar. It seals tight and fits right into the salad container for easy carrying.

The vinaigrette is simple… white balsamic, a spoon full of Dijon country mustard, a drizzle of oilve oil, and some fresh ground white pepper. Put all the ingredients in the spice jar, twist on the lid, and shake until emulsified.

reuse an old spice jar to bring dressing for work lunch salad


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